Devin Mazza

MAZZAmodels owner Devin Mazza began as a fashion photographer in Indiana. After three years at Herron School of Art for graphic design, Devin didn’t find what she was looking for and decided to pack-up and head down south to pursue her dream of owning a modeling agency.

At the age of twenty-three, Devin founded MAZZAmodels on her own—slowly signing-on only the most elite models. She started from scratch, personally building portfolios and creating a full network of clientele. Today MAZZAmodels is an established agency. From our offices in Austin, Texas, we continue to sign models from all around the world and place them with the world’s largest agencies.

MAZZAmodels main goal is development and placement in high fashion, editorial, commercial, and runway markets. We strive to develop our models in a way that will prepare them for their futures no matter where it leads them in the industry.