Devin Mazza

MAZZAmodels is the epitome of a woman-owned, woman-run business created by the self-made Devin Mazza. After three years in Herron School of Art for graphic design, Mazza decided Indiana had done all it could for her, and set her sights south. As a freelance fashion photographer in Indiana, she quickly set up a new home base in Austin. Upon seeing an oversight in the industry, as well as many undiscovered faces throughout the city of Austin, state of Texas, and beyond, she started her own mother agency at the fresh age of twenty-three.

            Starting out, Mazza did everything on her own, including cultivating each model’s portfolio, making connections with big name agencies and artists, and making sure each of her models were experienced and properly groomed for immediate placement in larger cities like NYC, LA, London, Milan, Paris, and so on.

            In just shy of three years, Mazza has signed and sent models signed across the globe, working for names such as Prada, Hugo Boss, Cult Gaia, Nike, ADIDAS, Tommy Hilfiger x Coca-Cola, Ferrari, and many more.

            With no sign of slowing down, MAZZAmodels is determined to find models of all shapes, sizes, and unique traits, and place them in the cities and agencies that will let them flourish to their full potential. Both Mazza and her agency are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.