Hanna Hadzic
New YorkJAG
Hanna Hadzic is a Bosnian-American public artist pursuing a Bachelors in Sculpture at the University of North Florida. Born and raised in Jacksonville, a city with a continuously growing arts community, Hadzic always has been supported by her surroundings, encouraging her to delve into multiple creative endeavors. 
Learning piano at the age of 7 opened her eyes early on to the joy and impact of music and its capabilities in conveying emotion and artistic intention. This love for music lead to the desire of exploring many different areas of the fine arts, participating in community theatre, assembling bands, and making art. Hadzic attended two art schools in Jacksonville which offered a positive and promising outlook on the potential of all art forms. Currently In her bachelors program she is building a portfolio of private and public works that stem from differing sources of inspiration. Between traveling to see family overseas and living in Jacksonville, Hadzic has been exposed to a multitude of art forms, and historic, expressive practices. 
Hadzic is currently exploring a personal mantra that everything is art. That many actions or activities can be reimagined in to context of artistic expression. Modeling, for example, becomes an act, a dance, and a genuine display of character.
 Being inspired by the weird and whimsical, Hadzic began working as a clown which evolved into thematic, vintage, clown photo shoots and eventually modeling for local vintage stores and creative photographers. These shoots were often a product of a handful of creative individuals looking to make something weird, and cool to participate in the budding art community that surrounded them. The modeling opportunities in Jacksonville were lacking so Hadzic, along with a few different groups of her fellow artists and friends, took some initiative to collaborate. From organizing and designing shoots to throwing photo events, modeling became a wonderful outlet of expression. 
Many of Hadzic’s passions and collaborations surround community engagement. Working during the pandemic, Hadzic and a few friends opened a local chapter of an international nonprofit called FIGMENT that focused of bringing interactive art to communities through free public participatory events. Unfortunately with public events no longer being an option, Hadzic and her team had to adapt and went on to produce multiple social distancing scavenger hunts that incorporated artistic clues, public art, and a final installation at the end. Through working in collaboration with a team of creative individuals equally as passionate as herself, Hadzic found that communicating with others with the same collective goal towards a creative outcome made very dynamic and exciting environments. She grew a fondness for large collaborative projects and finds that her favorite aspect of working in this manner is the genuine connections it fosters between individuals. 
Being authentic with your person is an incredibly important aspect of emotional and professional growth to which Hadzic believes that the good you put out comes back around. This mindset has lead to those meaningful achievements, like co-opening a local chapter of an international nonprofit, the FIGMENT project, playing in multiple bands, as well as starting a public art career for both 2D and 3D works.